2 Ultra Premium Silk Touch Stain Free


    Ultra-Premium Silk Touch Vital Paints

    Vital paints felt proud to introduce its product which is formulated with advanced technology.  Ultra-premium silk touch vital paint is for the interior of the houses.

    Premium Silk Touch
    silk touch vital paint is a type of interior paint has a matte surface. It gives only a slight hint of shine or polish. Ultra-premium silk touch vital give lives to walls and enhance its attractiveness with its matte glossy finishing.

    Provided Features

    As vital paints want to maintain its top rank and continuously contribute to making every house more beautiful. Ultimate premium silk is good for walls and holds up better with cleaning. Vital paint silk touch premium gives long-lasting coverages to the interior.

    Beauty Enhancer

    Ultra-premium silk touch vital paint acts as a beauty enhancer for our houses. Vital paints decor the interior walls. Some of the ultra-premium silk touch vital paints goods are given below:

    • It holds the strength of the walls
    • It gives a silky look to the interior.
    • Silk touch vital paint offers the best rate.
    • Vital paints is responsible and give full guarantee of its product.

    Ultra-premium silk touch is an essential and leading part of your houses.

    Availability of Pack

    Ultra-premium silk touch vital paints are offered in two packs.

    • Gallon
    • Quarter