Weather Coat by vital paint

Vital paint is not just paint, but a sign of love with walls and houses.

Vital paint comes with an advanced range of product lines. One of which is weather coat vital paint the most fitting emulsion paint have resistant against climate and weather effects or changes. Weather coat is smooth water-based brickwork outside the paint.

Advantages of weather coat 

The weather coat vital paint amalgamated with acrylic paint. It gives best reportage to the exterior of the houses.

  • Weather coat vital paint is most versatile and have highly adaptive for weather effects.
  • It is one of the least toxic paint.
  • Long-lasting water resistant
  • Weather coat vital paint is a plastic polymer dries into a flexible durable surface.
  • Because of the weather coat durable surface to which subsequent layer of paints can be added without disturbing layers.

Vital paint exclusive quality

Vital paints try its extreme efforts just to serve with paramount services with reasonable prices. The rates of acrylic or vital coat paint are much less than its qualities. Weather coat vital paints are available in two sizes.

  • Quarter
  • Gallon

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